Students Express Gratitude for Police Officers at Make-A-Wish Assembly.

Two police officers from the canine training unit demonstrated the use of police dogs today at the Make-A-Wish Assembly. Mr. Mohler's father, Cory Wride, was killed in the line of duty five years ago this week. His partner who was also shot but survived was one of the police officers who came today. To honor their bravery and thank them for their service, the students gave the police officers a standing ovation. 

Teachers Make Good on Their Challenges for Make-A-Wish Week

Team Time came up with challenges for their teachers to fulfill if we raised over a thousand dollars. Today at our Make-A-Wish assembly, they fulfilled challenges for the cause. We had dyed beards, shaved beards, river dancing, taratula holding, 44 oz. pop chugging, duct taping, motorcycle riding, dance offs, wig wearing, and more! It was a fun day where we celebrated granting a wish! See lots more photos on our Official Diamond Fork Facebook or Instagram page. 

DF Raises Over $2,000 for Make-A-Wish

What a wonderful wish week! Students wore PJ's, danced at the ball, and donated to teacher challenge jars. Today, Mrs. Orr from Make-A-Wish came to our assembly to accept a check for over two thousand dollars. Thank you to our Diamond Fork students and community for helping grant a wish for children like our wish child Ryver! 

Make-A-Wish Dance

We wanted to share some of the pictures from last weeks Make-A-Wish Ball. Our wish student Ryver came and so did Anna from Frozen! We are so appreciative of the support we received from our students and the community, it has been a great couple of weeks. A big thank you to Princess Parties by Natalie for co-ordinating our princess visit for a special deal for our Make-A-WIsh cause! 

Diamond Fork AP Geography Students Attend Sundance Education Film Festival


Our AP Geography students, taught by Mr. Mohler and Mrs. Peters, got to attend the Sundance Film Festival Education event through a festival grant. The students got to see the screening of the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” which dramatizes Malawian engineer William Kakwamba’s youthful struggle to save his starving village via technical ingenuity. Students also were part of a Q & A session with the director and actors. 

Diamond Fork Literature and FIlm Classes go to Student Sundance FIlm Festival

Our Literature and Film students, taught by Mr. Ryan, got the rare privilege of attending a Sundance Film Festival screening as part of the education grant offered by the festival. The students saw the film, "Gaza," and got to attend a Q & A session with director and actors! "Gaza," a 90-minute film, is among 12 contestants in the World Cinema Documentary competition at Sundance. Directed by award-winning Irish film makers Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell, the work takes a look at everyday life in Gaza, from wars and their traumas to young people's pastimes and aspirations.