Valentine Notes


Last week Beginning Art students were learning about printmaking. They each created a stamp with a kind message and printed on post it notes. On Valentines Day students put a kind note on every student’s locker in the school! 

Board Meeting Presentation







Coach Young and Mr. Rogers made this video to highlight the good things happening at DFJHS. This video was played during the Nebo District Board Meeting on Wednesday, February 13th. The Choir also sang, please see our Instagram page (official_diamond_fork_jr) for the choir video. It was a great night!

Love or Anti Love Haiku Winners

Our fabulous English Department held a Love or Anti Love Haiku contest last week. All English classes had students submit at least one Haiku, students could enter more than one. The following were selected for a diverse panel of judges as our winners.

Grand Prize Winner: Rylee Bingham

9th Grade Winners

1st Ashley Scoubes

2nd Nayree Lane

3rd Kylie Fuller

8th Grade Winners

Paper Cranes for Ryver

Mrs. Peters and Mr. Mohler's classes recently took on a huge project. As part of our "Wish Week" students folded 1,000 paper cranes for our wish child Ryver. In Japan during WWII a little girl named Sadako Sasaki got Leukemia from the dropping of the bombs on Nagasaki, she was 12. Sadako heard that if you made 1,000 paper cranes the God's would grant you a wish. Sadako wished to be well and was able to make about 600 cranes before she realized she was going die before completing the 1,000. Instead of wishing to be well, she changed her wish for peace.

Flu Letter


The Utah County Health Department recently sent out a letter to all schools in Utah County.  Please take a minute to read over it and follow its guidelines. We want kids to be healthy at school, thanks for your cooperation. 

February Students of the Month


We love our Student of the Month breakfast. It is such a great experience to listen to teachers and parents share wonderful things about students. We recognized thirteen amazing students this morning as we gathered in our library. The Fine Arts department nominated students as well as our Character Ed class. Thanks to the following students for going above and beyond what is expected. Thanks to the parents for raising such awesome kids and sending them to Diamond Fork.

7th Grade: Carter Brandon, Joshua Udy, Tehanu Artmstrong, & Suzanne Jones

Art Class Murals


Here are some photos of the class murals students created in Art. The first is supposed to be like stained glass. We love seeing the colorful reflections on the walls and floor when the sun is shining through the window. Students were given one small piece of a famous artwork and were instructed to recreate the lines they saw. They did not know what artwork they were creating, what pieces were going to be next to them or what colors to color (except in the Great Wave). It's fun seeing them all assembled.