December Student's of the Month Honored at Breakfast

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Isaac Smith-9th Grade
Celeste Grubbs-9th Grade
Isabelle Nielson-9th Grade
Thomas Baldwin-9th Grade
Jordan Bailey-8th Grade
Asiah Sturdivant-8th Grade
Spencer Jones-8th Grade
Sara Snyder-8th Grade
Emma Williams-7th Grade
Jessica Mendoza-7th Grade
Owen Kallas-7th Grade
Kayson Langford
Alex Johnson-7th Grade
Breakfast in the library
Character Ed Students
  • We are pleased to recognize our Diamond Fork “December Students of the Month”. These students were selected by their teachers and peers as those who not only excel academically, but who are examples of good character and kindness. These students were honored this morning at a breakfast with their parents and those who nominated them. We are so appreciative of these and the many others like them who work hard and make Diamond Fork a great place.
  • 9th Grade:
    • Isaac Smith
    • Celeste Grubbs
    • Isabelle Nielson
    • Thomas Baldwin
  • 8th Grade:
    • Jordan Bailey
    • Asiah Sturdivant
    • Spencer Jones
    • Sara Snyder
  • 7th Grade:
    • Emma Williams
    • Jessica Mendoza
    • Owen Kallas
    • Kayson Langford
    • Alex Johnson