Mrs. Wilde & Mrs. Hanson Recognized

Anna Hanson & Melanie Wilde

Two of our outstanding employees were recognized yesterday as the classified employee's of the year here at Diamond Fork. Both of these wonderful ladies are amazing individuals and are part of why Diamond Fork is such a fantastic place. 

  • Melanie Wilde is the front office secretary and is responsible for making the school run as smoothly as it does each and every day. She answers hundreds of phone calls, helps students and teachers, and does so much more. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Wilde here at Diamond Fork and she is very deserving of this recognition.
  • Anna Hanson does so much for our students one title wouldn't fit her. We can count on Anna to do whatever is asked of her and she will do it with a smile on her face. She has a wonderful relationship with each and every student that she works with and truly cares about students. 

Thank You Anna and Melanie!