STARS Talent Assembly

Kara Poulsen

It is time for our school’s annual Talent Show, the STAR’S ASSEMBLY! This show is a chance for some of the STARS of Diamond Fork Junior to show off their talents. We welcome all types of talent: singers, dancers, instrumentalists, actors, martial arts, or whatever your talent may be. 

We will also need an MC to host the show, so if you would like to audition for that, come prepared with a sample of how you would run the show.

The auditions will be held on Monday & Tuesday (Nov. 16 & 17) in the drama room. If you would like a chance to audition you must sign up for an audition spot on the lists posted in the hallway by the Drama room. 

*Please read the instructions on the audition posters CAREFULLY! School dress code and language standards must apply to ALL auditions.

*There are a limited number of auditions spots. When the lists are full, no more names will be accepted.