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Pig Dissection

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Mon, 03/23/2015 - 15:18

Last week Ms. Hanks class continued the dissection unit to include pigs. Students worked together in groups to observe differences between the reptilian and mammalian anatomy and physiology. Students also learned proper dissection technique and conduct, lab report procedures and analysis and the importance of set up and clean up before and after the lab. 

When asked about overall impressions of the labs, students stated:

  • "I was all over it, and had fun, even though it was kind of gross." -Maxwell Gesullo
  • "I found it very interesting to see how animals functioned." -Kaleb Davies
  • "I will forever be a vegetarian." -Skyler Terry
  • "Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed cutting open frogs and pigs and looking at their organs." -Amberly Hatton
  • "I loved the hands-on aspect, but I hated how it was right before lunch!" -Anastacia Kadomstev
  • "After day three, I was queezy." -Hayden Webster
  • "It was a great experience to see if I want to become a nurse." -Caitlin Kennedy
  • "It was super exciting, because I want to be a surgeon when I am older." -Clark Tolbert
  • "Wow, that was something!" -Lucas Silva

Thanks again Ms. Hanks!