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Diamondback In Action: Jacob Reeves

Submitted by scott.buck on Tue, 09/30/2014 - 08:39
By: Laton Hansen

8th grade student Jacob Reeves was recently recognized as a "Diamondback In Action" for his courage while facing opposition.  Jacob was born legally blind and has become an inspiration to others by the way he has dealt with his disability.  Instead of being angry and bitter, Jacob is the total opposite.  He is open, kind and friendly with everyone he meets.  He finds his challenges have actually made him a better person.

When asked what he has learned from his life experiences Jacob replied, " I used to get mad [about my blindness], but now I've learned to deal with it and I actually need my vision impairment.  I use it like one of my strengths now.  If it was gone a part of me would be missing."

Jacob will be recognized during an assembly on Wednesday, October 8th and presented with a Diamond Fork Junior High values coin by the Student Council.  Congratulations to Jacob for being an inspiration to his entire school.