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Schedule Change Information

Submitted by bart.thompson on Fri, 07/31/2020 - 16:06

Due to the current circumstances we are asking the following protocol be followed for those that wish to make schedule changes. As with online registration, we are striving to limit the need for you to come to school. We ask that schedule changes be made in order through the following ways . . .

1. Email (preferred method)

  • Email your grade level counselor with change requests.  In the email please state which class you would like to drop and which class you would like to add.

7th Grade -

8th Grade -

9th Grade -  

Español -

2. Phone Call/Text Message

  • Phone the counseling office at 801-794-0063 and select the phone extension of your grade level counselor.

  • Text your counselor through our google voice number ‪(385) 448-1707

3. Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • Talk with your counselor over zoom or google meet/hangouts.  Please email your counselor to request an online meeting.

If we are unable to meet your needs through the above options, please schedule an in-person appointment. We kindly ask that masks be worn when meeting counselors and that you limit the number of people who come to the school with you.  


Class changes will be done Aug. 1-15.  EMAIL your requests to your grade level counselor.  There are no class change fees during this time.

Late class changes - after Aug. 15 - will require a $5 class change fee to be paid before changes can be made.


Please sign up under your grade level counselor's Sign-Up Genius account.  The links are below.

Mr. Mundinger - 7th grade

 Mr. McKell - 8th grade

 Ms. Parrott - 9th grade

 Ms. Caceres - Español