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Writer's Workout Challenge in Mrs. Anderson's Class

Submitted by bart.thompson on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 16:32

Each year Mrs. Anderson challenges her students to write for at least 20 minutes for 20 nights in a month's time.  This year she had 34 fullfill the whole challenge and many more do a number of days. Those that fulfill the challenge are part of the Top 20 Club and get a cool prize. 

 The picture of the papers show how many 20 minutes sections students sat down to write.  A lot of work,  and a whole lot of fun. Way to go Diamondbacks! #dfjhs    #dfjhsallin    #strongertogetherdfjhs    #neboschooldistrict Names of the Top 20 Club. Brevan AndersonSydney Anderson
Aiden Atwood
Elaine Bleazard
Esther Brown
Jayden Chapman
Taylor Christiansen
Brianna Clegg
Natasha Fausett
Maren Fuhriman
Katelyn Gause
Ben Gunderson
Eliza Hansbrow
Jesse Harrison
Alexis Hill
Tessa Hulse
Brooke Hunter
Brinlee Lambert
Allan Luo
Tanna Marshall
Kendall Matelski
Madilyn Mills
Samuel Moss
Will Murri
Shanae Orton
Libby Perry
Mason Roberts
Daniel Skelton
Hailie Stark
Jordyn Stone
Jeven Tomlinson
Dallin Tueller
Emma Williams
Kaitlyn Wyatt