Collin Kartchner Assembly

Wow, what a fantastic message we heard today from Collin Kartchner, an man on a mission to #savethekids and #savetheparents. He spoke to our student body today and gave some great advice, here is the challenge to our students (and parents too!) Let's Do It!!

  • 8 hugs every day for 8 seconds, minimum.
  • Start showing more Authenticity and Positivity. Show others it's okay to be REAL.
  • Don't participate in any cyber-bullying. Cut it off when you see it. 
  • Do something awesome and DON'T share it.
  • Faily at something and share it PROUDLY.
  • Go to your Instagram/Snapchat accounts and unfollow EVERY person/account that doesn't make you happy. Cut out the joy thieves in your life.