The school Make-A-Wish Ball was a huge success last night! Thanks to Mr. Claybaugh and all those who helped in making these last two weeks so amazing as we have raised money for Make-A-Wish. Our goal to begin was to earn $1000, we surpassed that goal by a long way! Thanks to the generosity of our students and community DFJHS raised $2,089.19! THANK YOU to all who were kind and donated. We are excited for our Make-A-Wish assembly coming up on Monday, April 23rd at 8 AM.

Ashlyn Jackman is Miss Amazing Utah!

Our very own Ashlyn Jackman was recently crowned as Utah Miss Amazing. Utah Miss Amazing has been bringing the community together to celebrate the abilities of girls and women with disabilities. Since our the first year holding the event, in 2012, Utah Miss Amazing has grown and spread its influence to include girls and women from all over the state of Utah and has been held in the greater Salt Lake area and Logan. Utah Miss Amazing's goal is to empower all of those around us to realize and reach their potential.

Make-A-Wish Ball

We are pleased to announce a school ball (dance) to help support our Make-A-Wish fundraiser. The ball will take place this Thursday, April 19th from 6-8 PM in the school cafeteria. Best dressed is required, NO students from other schools will be allowed into the dance. The cost is $3 for students with a student ID and $5 for students without their ID. 

Book Tasting Party in Library


Mrs. Olson, our wonderful librarian taught a "Book Tasting" lesson to Mrs. Anderson's Novel's and Literature class last week. Students were to find 3 books from 5 different genres that sounded interesting to them. Once students learned a bit more about the books they chose they were able to taste some cookies and soda. It was a great way to learn more about some new books!