Teacher Appreciation Week

This week at DFJHS our PTA has been helping us celebrate our amazing teaching staff. Monday each teacher received a poster and students have been writing small "shout out" papers for each of them. It has been so fun to see the nice things students are saying about their hardworking teachers. Along with the shout outs the PTA has been providing snacks, breakfast, and even a soft serve ice cream bar! Thursday they will provide staff with lunch, followed by a popcorn bar and a free Redbox code on Friday.

UVU Community Impact Worshops


This Impact evening will begin with a brief plenary session where President Matthew Holland and First Lady Paige Holland will share some of their final words on why girls and women should prepare to impact theircommunitiesthrough education, service, engagement, and leadership. Attendees will then join one of five workshops (poverty/homelessness, sexual assault, literacy, mental health/suicide, and oppor-tunities for young women to serve) to learnhow to become more engaged in serious and difficult topics and efforts in the community.

Daycare Day at DFJHS


Our CCA students held a "daycare day" to better understand the careers related to child care. There were many fun activites as the children were able to go from center to center working with our students. Thanks to those who were able to bring their little ones, it was a great day!

Valentine Cards in Library


Students were able to make some pretty neat "Light-Up" Valentine cards in library Etime. Using simple circuts students designed and created their cards. Thanks to Mrs. Olson for providing such unique and fun activities for our students!

Geography Bee Winner Awarded


After our school geography bee Friday afternoon, we want to congratulate Gavin Grotegut, a 7th grader, for being our geography bee champion.  Jordan Bailey came in second with James Chilton in 3rd.  All 10 of the contestants did a great job.It took a number of rounds to finally get our first place winner, including a tie breaker round. We congratulate all of our participants for doing so well on the written geography bee test.  Gavin will now try to qualify for the state geography bee this spring.  We wish him the best of luck.