Utah Valley Student of the Week- Rachel Wasden


On paper, Rachel Wasden, a ninth-grader at Diamond Fork Jr. High School, has a 4.0 GPA, takes multiple honors classes and loves to work hard. For two years now, Rachel has been selected to help tutor math other students in other grades. She is part of the National Junior Honor Society and has been on the tennis team for the past several years, most recently being on the varsity second singles team. She maintains a creative photography account on Instagram @Rachel_joy_photos.


But honestly, Rachel’s strengths aren’t necessarily the types of things that are easy to list. She has a gift for seeing everyone as individuals to be loved and enjoyed, whether they be an infant, child, peer or adults. When the Wasdens moved from New Jersey four years ago, their neighbors took Rachel to dinner to say goodbye because even at 9 years old, she was a genuine friend to them. She looks for ways to help students and teachers and likes to lighten the mood with a quick sense of humor.