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Natural History Museum of Utah Field Trip

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Wed, 11/12/2014 - 12:01
Alesha LeMmon, Janelle Hanks, Skyler Terry

Have you ever wondered what all the layers of rock in our mountains are called or how different types of butterflies and insects are native to our area? Well, last Friday, Miss Hanks took a group of 100 biology students on a quest for knowledge to the Natural History Museum of Utah, an architectural marvel and a case study in the “green” design created by community generosity. The museum illuminates the natural world and the place of humans within it.

Students were given the assignment to create a brochure about the museum using anything they found in it. They were to take pictures, notes and record highlights to create the finished product. The students were given a choice of one feature, multiple aspects or the museum as a whole.

Permanent exhibitions include SKY, NATIVE VOICES, LIFE, LAND, FIRST PEOPLES, GEMS AND MINERALS, GREAT SALT LAKE, PAST WORLDS, AND UTAH FUTURES. There is currently a special exhibition called THE HORSE. All of the exhibitions are situated on five levels of the museum and flow together naturally. There are many areas of the museum in which active engagement is encouraged through technology and other hands-on means. Some students even had the opportunity to walk a part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail as there is a trailhead immediately in front of the museum. This included a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley.

After the museum, the students ate lunch at City Creek Center and enjoyed the sunshine the day provided. Overall, the exhibits provided something for each student to learn and enriched our knowledge of Utah’s natural wonders and how they were created over millions of years.

Thank you, Miss Hanks!