Mrs. Anderson's Classes Loves to Write


During the month of December, students in Mrs. Anderson's English and Creative Writing classes took on the Writer's Workout Challenge. To be a better writer, one must write. And write. And consistently write. To encourage the students to write, they were challenged to write for 20 minutes for 20 nights over a four week period. The appeal was that they could choose ANY topic to write on. All writing was above and beyond school work and none of their entries were required. Some wrote poems, song lyrics, narratives, and chapters to books they are in the process of writing! They were rewarded with a little extra credit and daily drawings.  Over 100 students participated throughout the 4 weeks, and 28 students completed the full 20 day challenge. These 28 students' names were entered into a drawing for bigger prizes like gift cards, journals, sketch books, paintings, and, of course, candy! Mostly, they were rewarded with a greater appreciation for prized, quiet, writing time and greater skill. One of the most beautiful things an English teacher can hear is: "You're right! I really can write. And I like it!"