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Mrs. Anderson's 20 over 20 Club Drawings

Submitted by mike.sorensen on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 09:06

Mrs. Anderson's first semester classes competed in a Writer’s Workout Challenge. They had hundreds of entries for the daily drawings and 39 students earned their spot in the 20 over 20 Club. These students wrote for at least 20 minutes over 20 different nights over a 25 day period. Those students celebrated their big accomplishments with grand prize drawings!

Mrs. Anderson said this about these students, "I am ever impressed with the variety of work produced by these students dedicated to working an important craft. Some students wrote poetry, songs, rap music. Some students are working on their first novels. Others are writing screenplays. Still some wrote journal entries, short stories, and much more". 

Thanks to this awesome teacher and amazing students!