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Mountain Man and Medical Professional Monday!

Submitted by bart.thompson on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 13:56

Well, if you have to face a Monday at school, you might as well do something amazing!  That's what our Utah Studies and CCA Teachers think, anyway!

In our Utah Studies classes today, our students were treated to a face-to-face interaction with a Mountain Man from an earlier time! He taught them about their customs, traditions, occupations, and survival. He talked about their interactions with Native Americans, wildlife, weather and disease.  It was a great day!

In our CCA classes, our students had the opportunity to learn about careers in the medical field by listening to a cath lab technician from UVRMC. He taught them how the find blockages in the heart, how they can tell if someone is having/had a heart attack, and what they can do to help those with heart conditions.  The highlight of the presentation was OBVIOUSLY the opportunity students were given to handle three actual hearts! Needless to say, some were more excited about that than others!  But regardless, the students had an experience they won't soon forget!