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Latino Appreciation Week

Submitted by sarah.blackhurst on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 15:41
Todd Claybaugh & Natalia Gonzalez

Hey Diamondbacks! We Latinos hope you enjoyed Latino Appreciation week! We had so much fun with everyone who participated in our activities. This being only our second year doing this, it went so we and fun! The lunch activities were great, thanks to all who had the courage to come up and participate. We were so glad we got to dance “el caballo dorado” and “bachara”. We shared Mexican candy. Everyone who did the Gansito activity and everyone thought they were so yummy. Lunch was great! You guys had so much respect for us and other students. The E-Time party was awesome. Students danced, ate, and enjoyed musical chairs. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, hd courage, compassion and respect. We appreciate it a million.

We also go to sing around the school to classes during 4th period. Everyday we had more and more confidence. Thanks to your smiles, we had so much comfort. Hope you all enjoyed “cielito lindo”, “vivir mi vida” and “ba-ba-bamba”. 

-Natalia, your LIA friend. 

Thanks LIA Students! You guys really are awesome!