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Diamondbacks Participate in Nebo Honors Orchestra

Submitted by bart.thompson on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 15:28
photos by Sarah Olsen

Several Diamondbacks were selected to participate in the Nebo Honors Orchestra tonight at 7:30 pm at MMHS. They spent today rehearsing together for the first time.  It's pretty incredible to see what these students can do with only two rehearsals and a lot of practice at home!  Congrats to all our students!

Jaron BeebeEthan GauseLeah GundersonLiesel Hansen
Hailey Maughan
Lena OropezaSienna PerezLevi Rawlings
Lauren SchearJoshua UdyThomas WestoverMaili Wilkins #dfjhs   #dfjhsallin   #strongertogetherdfjhs   #neboschooldistrict