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Diamondbacks Giving Back

Submitted by scott.buck on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 08:51
By: Alisa Baadsgaard

Students at Diamond Fork Junior High help feed the homeless every year on the week of Valentine’s Day.  Students raise money by selling valentines to the other students during school and use the money to feed the homeless.  

There were two kinds of valentines this year: singing telegrams and candy grams.  Singing Telegrams cost five dollars and candy grams cost fifty cents.  For the singing telegrams, the student council visited the class of the person who received the valentine and sang to them.  The student receiving the valentine sat in a chair at the front of the room while the student council sang to them.  The boys in the student council sang to the girls and the girls in the student council sang to the boys.  Singing telegrams take place during regular class periods so all the other students in their class get to watch.  The person receiving the singing telegram enjoys the added attention!

The candy grams are a piece of pink valentine's paper with a Tootsie Pop taped on top.  The paper has the name of the person who is to receive it and who it is from. They are delivered to the students during first and seventh period.  

The money raised selling these valentines is put to a good cause.  The Character Education class, which is an English class that often does service projects, uses the money to buy food for the Food and Care Coalitionn in Provo.  Several times during the year, a group of students make sack lunches with the food they bought with the valentine money to donate to the coalition.  The sack lunches are given to the homeless and people in need.

This yearly tradition at Diamond Fork Junior High is not only fun for the students, but generous for those in need.  This is one way that Diamondbacks are giving back!