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Diamondback Cross Country Team

Submitted by scott.buck on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 11:36

The first week of September Diamond Fork Junior High School’s Cross Country team began their season.  The team consists of 7th-9th grade students who practice from 3:00 to 4:30 everday after school.  Many students choose to participate on the team because they love the sport and they get in excellent shape through all the exercise. 

On Friday, September 7th the first meet of the year was held at Mapleton Junior High School.  Both the boys and girls of the DFJHS Cross Country team ran very fast races which put them BOTH in first place overall.  On the 14th of September the team had their second meet at Spanish Fork Junior High.  The DFJHS girls finished in first place with the boys taking a close second.  You can keep up with the latest team developments by following them on Facebook - just search "DFJHS Cross Country."  Congratulations to every participant on the amazing DFJHS Cross Country Team!