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DF's Mrs. Gardner is Nebo Teacher of the Year!

Submitted by brenda.burr on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 15:35
Hall of Fame for Mrs. Gardner

Mrs. Gardner was selected as Diamond Fork's Teacher of the Year and then in the district wide selection, Mrs. Gardner came out on top for Teacher of the Year for the whole district. 

Mrs. Gardner is a legend at Diamond Fork. She is the teacher mentioned by current principals, teachers, and community leaders as one of the best teacher they have ever had. Vicki is an unprecedented talent. Her students are captivated by her innovative methods and ability to connect the material to their lives. Every day, her students walk away knowing the answer to the question, “When will we ever use this stuff?” They know the answer because they already applied history to their reality. Her students do not study history- they live, re-enact, and become history. In World Civilizations, the world comes to them in the form of experts, guest speakers, and in the form of their own connections. With the current emphasis in education on increasing rigor, Vicki has always known that rigor is not about having students do more, but about having what they do require more.  Vicki has inspired and mentored countless new teachers. Vicki is an exemplary role model, a woman of character and integrity. Truly, she represents the best of the best in teaching. As Mrs. Gardner retires this year, she leaves behind her permanent mark, having made a difference in the lives of students.