DFJHS Students of the Month for April and May

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Emily Marshall -7th
Dylan Smith - 7th
Ellie McMurdie -8th
Isaac Smith -8th
Jaizley Hunsaker - 9th
Miguel Mendoza - 9th
Grace Knudsen - 7th
McKay Nielsen - 7th
Claire Hulet - 8th
Joshua Pedersen
Jenna George - 9th
Tyson Miner - 9th

The following students are Diamond Fork Junior High's April AND May Student of the Month winners! These are our FINAL Students of the Month winners for the school year. These students were chosen because of their excellent academic and citizenship performance! We appreciate each of you STANDING IN THE HALL OF FAME by showing respect, courage, integrity, compassion, and perseverance in your life each day. Congratulations! Congratulations!These students received a certificate, Sonic gift card, movie pass for the Payson theater, candy bar, and 2 liter of soda! 


The Students of the Month for APRIL are:

7th Grade:  Emily Marshall   &   Dylan Smith

8th Grade:  Ellie McMurdie   &   Isaac Smith

9th Grade:  Jaizley Hunsaker   &   Miguel Mendoza


The Students of the Month for MAY are:

7th Grade:  Grace Knudsen   &   McKay Nielsen

8th Grade:  Claire Hulet   &   Josh Pedersen

9th Grade:  Jenna George   &   Tyson Miner