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DFJHS Locker Clean Out Schedule

Submitted by mike.sorensen on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 11:37

DFJHS Locker Clean Out & Item Return/Pickup

Beginning Wednesday May 6th we will be allowing students back into the school to clean out lockers (including PE lockers), pick up other items left at school, or return school items. Please follow the schedule outlined below and come on your respective day and time if you need to. If you have nothing in your locker and you don’t have items to return or pick up you do not need to come to the school. 

  • Possible items to be returned and or picked up

■        Library Books-Returned

■        Classroom books/textbooks-Returned

■        Choir/Drama outfits-Picked Up

■        Sewing Materials-Picked Up    

■        Art Materials/Projects-Picked UP

  • In order to maintain social distancing, we need to limit how many students can be in the building at one time. According to our numbers we feel like the schedule below will give sufficient time for  lockers to be cleaned out and items returned,  all the while still maintaining a proper social distance of 6 feet.  (We recommend you wear a mask if you have access to one).
  • Please only have the DFJHS student or one healthy family member come in the building during your scheduled time. If there is a situation where you can’t make it in during your scheduled time or if you are sick, please let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to get your lockers cleaned out and your items returned. 
  • Please bring a bag or a backpack to carry your personal items. Garbage cans will be in the halls.
  • We ask that you quickly clean out your locker, return items, and exit the building,please do not congregate in groups to visit.
  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate yet another situation due to our current circumstances.


Wednesday May 6

8-11       Last Names beginning with A

11:30-3 Last Names beginning with B


Thursday  May 7

8-11       Last Names beginning with C

     11:30-3 Last Names beginning with D, E, & F


Friday May 8

8-11       Last Names beginning with G

    11:30-3 Last Names beginning with H & I


Monday May 11

8-10:30      Last Names beginning with  J

11-12:30      Last Names beginning with K

1-3              Last Names beginning with L


Tuesday May 12

                              8-12       Last Names beginning with M

12:30-3 Last Names beginning with N & O



Wednesday May 13

       8-10:30 Last Names beginning with P & Q

11-1        Last Names beginning with R

     1:30-3    Last Names beginning T, U, Y, Z


Thursday May 14

8-12 Last Names beginning with S

           12:30-3 Last Names beginning with  V, W