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DFJHS Faculty Introduces 2020-21 School Theme With Masked Lip Sync

Submitted by bart.thompson on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 10:17

Each year, Diamond Fork Junior High chooses a Theme for the year, to unify students, faculty, staff and community members!  This year, our theme will be WE ARE ONE!  It is our hope that this theme will become a part of everything we do this year--both in the classroom and out. We believe we can all participate in this cause to be united as a school community to accomplish our goals for this year--whether it be staying safe with COVID protocols, succeeding in achieving our learning objectives, or reaching out to our fellow Diamondbacks to ensure everyone feels they are ONE OF US! 

Along with having a School Theme each year, we also choose a School Song to go with the theme. This year, we have chosen an amazing song by Canadian artist Jason McCoy entitled "WE ARE ONE." Mr. McCoy wrote and recorded this song during the COVID pandemic and has made it free to the public to download, record and make their own.  So, we decided to do just that!  

Here is your DFJHS Faculty performing a Masked Lip Sync of "We Are One."  Enjoy!