Choir Classes Available for 2017-18


With registration coming up in the next weeks, we wanted to let you know about all the great new choir classes at Diamond Fork next year!

DESCANT is our 7th grade beginning, mixed chorus for boys and girls who love to sing and want to learn some basic choral technique.  ½ year.

 LADY DIAMONDBACKS is 8th and 9th grade girls who want some choral experience or just love to sing!  No audition is required.  Come learn to sing in harmony because here, it’s ladies day every day!  (Semester class)

DB GENTZ is for 8th and 9th grade boys who love to sing, want a little help with that changing voice and singing in parts.  No audition is required.  Melt some hearts and show Diamond Fork where the real men are.  (Semester class)

BELLA CANTUS is a new advanced women’s chorus for 8th and 9th grade girls with previous musical and choral experience.  Come sing like angels in 3 and 4 part harmonies!  An audition is required so prepare your favorite song and sign up outside Mrs. Lewis’ door for a time next week.  (Full year class)

MOMENTUM is our advanced concert choir for 8th and 9th graders.  Students with previous musical experience will have fun singing challenging, diverse, and exciting choral music.  An audition is required so prepare your best song and sign up outside Mrs. Lewis’ door.  Even if you have not had a choir class before, but have had some music experience, please audition!  (Full year class)

 Auditions for BELLA CANTUS and MOMENTUM will be through February 27th.  Sign up now, outside Mrs. Lewis’ door. Why? Because, WITHOUT CHOIR, LIFE WOULD BE FLAT!