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Art Classes

Submitted by scott.buck on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 09:29
By: McKenna Babbitt

Mr. Anderson teaches many types of art classes here at Diamond Fork Junior High such as Art Foundations, Drawing, and 3D Art. Most students at Diamond Fork participate in the Art Foundations class before entering the Drawing or 3D Art classes.  Art Foundations teaches the basics of art from both drawing and 3D such as shading, color schemes, clay, ect.  After you complete the Art Foundations class you could choose to participate in either Drawing or 3D Art - depending on which you are more interested in.

Students in the Drawing class learn even more about shading, texture, figure, ect than they do in the Art Foundations class.  They also work on drawing different types of human figures, and facial features such as the eyes, nose and mouth.  Most students report that the hardest part is getting the shading right.

In the 3D art class, students learn more about art in three dimensions - such as clay. Some projects are "tape formed" into life size bodies, wire bent into the figure of person or a creature, and more.  Thank you Mr. Anderson for bringing art to life at Diamond Fork Junior High.