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October 2019

Dance, Dance, Ice Cream Revolution!

Submitted by bart.thompson on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 09:34
Dance, Dance, Ice Cream Revolution!

With the arrival of Midterm last week, we felt it was time to celebrate all the amazing things our students are accomplishing so far this year!  So, yesterday, we pulled all our students that met our criteria (No Ds or Fs, No Ns or Us, No Tardies) down to the Gymnasium for an impromptu DANCE PARTY!  Additionally, the students all were given ice cream sandwiches. 

Thanks to all our amazing students for your hard work so far this semester! Your commitment to excellence will reward you throughout your life!

#dfjhs  #dfjhsallin   #strongertogetherdfjhs   #allinforlearning


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