January 2019

Light Painting


We have a new Art teacher, Mrs. Mickelson, and wow is she doing some great things with our students. Look through the following "Light Painting" photos, they are amazing!

Geography Bee Finalists!


All 7th and 8th grade students took a test to qualify for the National Geography Bee. The following students were the top ten finalists. These students will compete this Thursday at 12:45 in the library to see who will be the final winner eligible to compete in the Nationa Geography Bee! Reese Fowles (8th) Aiden Atwood (8th) Gavin Murray (8th) Benjamin Martineau (7th) Andreas Kadomtsev (7th) Eddy Bolanos (8th) Jaron Beebe (7th) Brianna Clegg (8th) Ben Gunderson (8th) Gavin Grotegut (8th)