October 2017

Lonnie Mayne Guest Speaker at Diamond Fork

Heroes wear red shoes!

As an internationally recognized speaker, Lonnie shares his expertise on standing out in the way you live, the way you interact with people and your overall contribution in the world.  Red Shoes Living is a way of life. In a world that is increasingly noisy and negative, The Red Shoes philosophy has become a symbol for making a positive impact in the world.

Red Shoes Living Assembly

A big thanks to Lonnie Mayne, founder of Red Shoes Living for his inspirational message this morning. In conjunction with our HOPE Week Mr. Mayne came to talk to us about the 5 pillars of Red Shoes Living.

Awareness-Gratitude-Everyone Has a Story-Respect-Put Yourself Out There

His words help remind us how we are capable of making a difference in the lives of others, and in turn improving our own. 

Check out his website: redshoesliving.com

Thanks HOPE Squad!


The HOPE Squad has been busy this week bringing smiles to students AND teachers faces. This morning students found a sticky note on their locker with a positive message, a good reminder that kindness goes a long way. 

Diamondback Day


Nearly 700 students in our school were able to attend "Diamondback Day" this morning. Students without any deficient grades (D or F) and ZERO tardies and unexcused absences were able to attend. We loaded the buses early and went to see a movie at the Payson theaters. We are so appreciative to Ms. Draper, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Parrott and others who helped make this day happen. It is a HUGE undertaking and it went off without a hitch! Thanks to our awesome students too for their hard work. 

HOPE Squad Chalk Art


Because of HOPE Week our amazing HOPE Squad decided to brighten everyone who enters our front steps with some wonderful messages and colorful drawings. Thanks to the HOPE Squad for making us SMILE!!