April 2015

Day Care Days

Contributor: Jenna George

Every year, Mrs. Annette Gardner hosts multiple Day Care Days (DCD) in line with the CTE Introduction Utah State Standards. DCD invites children from 2 to 5 years old to participation in the activity/assignment. The students plan in groups what they will do for the day with the children. 

When the children arrive, the student groups take time to introduce the children to the area and let them explore and familiarize themselves. Next, the children may participate in the planned activity. The students pay attention to each detail and plan age appropriate activities. 

Lagoon Day Eligibility



Students planning on attending Lagoon at the end of the school year must meet the following requirements:

1. CITIZENSHIP – No N’s or U’s at mid-term 4th term. (Note: Failure to maintain good citizenship after this point will result in ineligibility.
2.  DETENTIONS – No unserved detentions for tardies or sluffs for 4th term.
3.  PASSING GRADES – No D or F grades on mid-term of 4th term.

4/22/15 Weekly Parent Newsletter

Alesha LeMmon, Graphic by Katie Reese


Dear Diamond Fork Parents,

I liken fourth term at our school to a whirlwind of sorts. The temperatures begin to climb, blooms begin to pop, we spend time outdoors and students bring an enthusiasm with them when they enter each day. We have introduced our incoming 6th grade students and parents to the school and what we have to offer them. Also, we have introduced our 9th grade students to the high schools they will be attending next year. We feel warmth in the air as we begin spring sports at both the junior high and high school levels.

Latinos In Action Conference


On Friday, March 27th, 1,600 Latinos In Action (LIA) students attended the 2015 LIA Conference at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. We had a lot of fun and so did the other schools in attendance. Being in a room filled with many other different kinds of Latino cultures made us feel like we were at home, like family. The hosts made us feel so comfortable. The dances and the older students inspired us. 

DF Track Needs Your Help!

Todd Claybaugh


Diamond Fork track needs adult help at the meet this Friday, April 17th.  LOCATION: Spanish Fork High School  START TIME: 2:00PM. NO prior experience is required. If we need to train you, please be there around 1:45PM.  END TIME:  5:00PM.  Contact Coach Claybaugh if you can help (todd.claybaugh@nebo.edu)


4-1-2015 Weekly Parent Newsletter


MMHS 3rd Annual “Fix It Saturday” on May 2, 2015: In an effort to help one of our sister high schools, we are announcing a great opportunity for all of our stakeholders! Maple Mountain High School SkillsUSA Club needs your help to send its Welding Fabrication Team and it's CPR/first aid contestant back to Louisville, KY for the National Competition. On March 27th, we took first place at the state level and were invited back to compete among the top competitors in the country.  Our students need help with the cost of attending this competition.