April 2014

Students of the Month


Every month at Diamond Fork Junior High two students from the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades are selected as students of the month.  These students are nominated for their outstanding citizenship and hard work. Nominees are then voted on by the entire faculty.  The students of the month for April are:

7th Grade: Taelyr Skollingsberg and Maxwell Gesullo

8th Grade: Stephanie Quiroz and Jensen Martinez

9th Grade: Cheyenne Davies and Ian Heber

D-Back Dash!

By: Adisyn Duvall

Diamond Fork Jr. High is hosting its 9th annual 5k run on May 23rd. They are doing this to help fight the obesity epidemic in young kids. Studies show that every 1 in 5 kids are obese. Some ways that kids get obese is they have unhealthy eating patterns, lack of physical activities, or both. It is rare for kids to get obese by medical conditions.

DFJHS Dream Team

By: Vanessa Aguero

Did you know that Diamond Fork Junior High School has five specific core values? DFJHS strives to perfect these values and apply them to their everyday lives. The five core values are courage, integrity, compassion, perseverance, and respect. There is a special group of friendly and intelligent students that really have these values for themselves and also to spread with others.

Yearbook: Behind the Scenes!

By: Emily Bates

Here at Diamond Fork Junior High School we have had the opportunity to publish a yearbook at the end of every year since we started out as Spanish Fork Middle School. Not many people know how yearbooks are put together, unless you have been on a yearbook committee before. So I decided to inform you on how these wonderful parts of a school’s history get put together.