January 2014

January Students of the Month

Every month at Diamond Fork Junior High two students from the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades are selected as students of the month.  These students are nominated for their outstanding citizenship and hard work. Nominees are then voted on by the entire faculty.  The students of the month for January are:

7th Grade: Julia Dorny and Jackson Baldwin

8th Grade: Caitlyn Gibb and Hayden Pierce

9th Grade: Lindsy Goodell and Johnathan Tanner

Dream Team

By: Savannah Wilson

Did you know that DFJHS has a dream team?  It's true!  The dream team at Diamond Fork is a group of 8 students who assist the school in promoting our core values of courage, integrity, compassion, perserverance, and respect.  We greet new students and show them around the school, we help prevent bullying in the hallways, we highlight student's birthdays at lunch, and we are even hosting a "Jumble It Up At Lunch Day" on February 6th.

Character Education Feeds Homeless

By: Lilei Leifson

On Wednesday, January 29th the 7th grade Character Education class at Diamond Fork Junior High school went on their third trip this school year to the Food and Care Coalition in Provo. They provided 50 sack lunches for homeless and needy partrons of the coalition. The Character Education class is part of a student's 7th grade English class that performs service projects throughout their school and community.

School Musical

By: Tess McInelly

Diamond Fork Junior High School's drama department is putting on their spring musical "Once Upon a Mattress."  They carry out a fantastic performance every spring.  This musical is directed by drama teacher Kara Poulson, and co director Maria Lewis, with choreographer Jada Poulson. The play will be performed at Diamond Fork Junior High school, on March 12th-15th.  Tickets will be sold at the door with performances starting at 7 o’clock.