September 2011

DFJHS Character Education

DFJHS Character Education students Savannah Wilson, Alexis Proctor, and Spencer Foulger recycling used paper.

Character Education students at Diamond Fork Junior High School have been busy.  Every Friday of the school year this class of 33 seventh graders collects hundreds of pounds of used paper to recycle.  After visiting each room in this school of over 1,400 students, the used paper is then hauled to the back parking lot and deposited into the recycling bin.  This recycled paper is purchased by a recycling company, which generates over $300 a year.

DFJHS Freshman Soccer

By: Jacob Warnock

Fall has arrived and the freshman girl soccer players at Diamond Fork Junior High are busy representing their high school teams.  Seven girls from DFJHS play for the Spanish Fork High School soccer team, and four girls from DFJHS play for the Maple Mountain High School soccer team.  The SFHS players are Camilla Chaparro, Shaniece Novak, Xakoi Pace, Dani Perkins, Kristi Taylor, Shelby Thomas, and Brenda Vargas. The MMHS players are Janae Warren, Katie Hammer, Lora Kendell, and Tessa Weight.