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7th Grade Counselor

Sandy Caceres


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8th Grade Counselor

Trudy Ballow

Counseling Secretary/Registrar


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Junior High Presentations and Course Request Forms

The counselors from Spanish Fork Junior High and Mapleton Junior High presented next year's course information our 7th and 8th grade students.  Your student received a course selection form to take home, fill out, and return on Thursday Feb. 18.

Mapleton Junior High Forms

9th Grade Course Request Form 

8th Grade Course Request Form

Yearbook Application

Spanish Fork Junior High Forms

9th Grade Course Request Form

8th Grade Course Request Form

9th Grade Course Descriptions

8th Grade Course Descriptions

Yearbook Application

Office Aide Application



 Spanish Fork High School and Maple Mountain High School counselors will be at DFJH on March 1 and March 4 to present information to students and to help them choose courses for next year.  We will add the forms when they become available to us.  Thanks!





Diamond Fork Middle School is coming to town!  

Here are the Course Selection form videos if you need to review them:

6th Grade Course Selection video (English)

6th Grade Course Selection video (Spanish)

7th Grade Course Selection video (English)

7th Grade Course Selection video (Spanish)

The actual forms are attached at the bottom of this page if you need to print one.


Welcome to Middle School Video






MTECH is an amazing technical college.  Check out this video:




If you would like to participate as a member of Stand4Kind, please fill out the following application: 

Stand 4 Kind Application




Dear Parents and Students,

During this time of uncertainty, we as counselors would like you to be aware that we are here to offer support to students in need.  A counselor will be at the school each day. You may contact them by email or phone as necessary. Please keep in mind that students who need to meet in person with a counselor will need to make an appointment, we can do video chat or make a phone call.

We would like to encourage our students to remain positive and hopeful.  The book The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor offers some suggestions that students may follow that will help them to stay positive during this time.  These include:

  1. List 3 things each day that you are grateful for.
  2. Commit Conscious Acts of Kindness for someone each day.
  3. Find something to look forward to. 
  4. Exercise.

These things may seem simple, but research has shown that people who do these things on a regular basis are happier.  All of us will encounter times in our lives when we hope things will get better. Staying positive during those times will help us get through them.

The following link is a short talk by Shawn Achor that you might find helpful:



Here are some other resources to support you during this time:


Stand 4 Kind

All students are welcome to join Stand 4 Kind.  We do activities during the year to promote kindness, friendship, and fun!  We will start in September :)

Please fill out the application located in the following link.


9th Graders!  Practice tests for your drivers permit at:


Plan for College:

As part of a new Parent University Series on College & Career Readiness, Nebo School District offers free monthly webinars on the college planning process for parents and their high school students.  Statistics show that less than 9% of all students who enter a 4 year college both graduate in 4 years and do so without debt.  We believe timely information from industry professionals could dramatically move that needle. 

College Success Formula is broadcasting nationally, so please register and if you can’t watch the live broadcast, you will have access to the recording for 30 days after each webinar.  Click on the following link to register for one or many.

Please sign up to gain access to the recording for 30 days after each webinar.  Sign up for one or many.

*The mention of a business or service in this flyer does not imply an endorsement by the district.*


United Way - Resources for Families


15 apps parents should look out for on their kids' phones

  • The first is 'MeetMe,' an app where teens can easily be in contact with users much older than them, with an emphasis on dating.
  • 'WhatsApp' and 'SnapChat' are for messaging, but what you should know is teens can send unlimited messages, have video chats and even share their live location with other users, people they may not even know. 
  • 'Skout' is a flirting app that's used to meet and chat with new people. Teens and adults are in different groups, but ages aren’t verified. 
  • 'TikTok' is used for sharing user created videos that can contain bad words, even adult content.
  • 'Badoo' and 'Bumble' are dating apps for adults, but teens can still find ways to join. 
  • 'Grindr' is geared towards the LGBTQ community. It allows users to share photos and meet up based on phone’s GPS location.  
  • 'Kik' is specifically for kids, but anyone can join and anyone can contact or direct message your child. 
  • 'LiveMe' is a live streaming app, but you don’t know who’s watching and your kids location is revealed.
  • 'Holla' is all about connecting strangers around the world through video chat. Enough said. 
  • 'Whisper' is a social confessional where kids can remain anonymous, but still share their feelings. And it can reveal your child’s location for a meet up. 
  • 'ASKfm' encourages people to allow anonymous users to ask them questions, which opens the door for online bullying.
  • 'Hot or Not' rates users on attractiveness.. There’s no age verification and users can send each other messages. 
  • And lastly, 'Calculator%' apps are several secret apps that allows kids to hide their photos, videos, even browser history.