School Community Council is the forum in which parents and guardians can contribute and have direct input in the following ways...

  • Meet once monthly to support school improvement and student success through shared decision-making
  • Develop a plan for the allocation of School LAND Trust money and other school plans
  • Examine important school issues and consider solutions
  • Disseminate information to the community about school progress and student success
  • Bring new ideas and concerns from the community to the school administration
  • Help promote the many successes of Diamond Fork Junior High School

 If you would like to be a part of the council in the future you do have the opportunity to run for a seat on the council next year.

Our Next SCC meeting will be held Monday April 16, 2018. It will be in the counseling office conference room.

You are invited to attend School Community Council meetings.

Diamond Fork Jr. High School Community Council meetings are always open to the public and your input is invited and welcome. You may attend as often as you like and your ideas will be heard and considered. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 3:00p.m. in the school's Counseling Center conference room.

DFJHS Community Council Membership


Faculty Members

Brenda Burr-- Principal --(801-798-4052)--

Rhet Rowley-- Assistant Principal-- (801-798-4052)

Mike Sorensen-- Facilitator-- (801-798-4052)--

Sandy Caceres--Counselor--(801-798-4052)

Todd Claybaugh (Co-Chair)--Teacher--(801-798-4052)

Pam Tippetts--Teacher--(801)

Community Members

Lorraine Davis--Parent--(801-372-7351)

Jacoy Baird--(Chair)/Parent--(801-362-7403)

Melinda Manley--Parent/PTA Pres--(801-400-1990)

Shauna Warnick--Parent--(801-227-4330)

Sara Christensen--Parent--(801-691-3125)

Jeremy Perrins--Parent--(801-369-9800)

Emily Gunderson--Parent--(801-310-4468)

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Dates may be subject to change. Meetings are from 3-4 PM in the counseling conference room.

 Meeting Schedule 2017-18

 Monday, September 11

**Thursday, October 12 @ 3:30 PM

*There is no meeting at the school this month. The district conducts a training meeting for the SCC members at the district office.

*Superintendent Rick Nielsen will hold a School Community Council Meeting at Maple Mountain High School on Thursday October 5, from 3:30-4:30 PM. 

 Monday, November 13

Monday, December 11

Monday, January 8

Monday, February 12

Monday, March 12

Monday, April 16

*Held on Third Monday due to Spring Break

 Monday, May 4 (There will be no formal meeting held on this day)

 Trust Lands

Each year we have the opportunity to distribute LAND Trust Program monies for the benefit of our school. At the beginning of each school year we give an update of how funds were spent for the previous school year, in this case 2014-15. During this year we distributed approximately $75,000  for the following: six sections of English for class size reduction, reading specialist technician, professional development, two part-time math technicians, continuation of our Latinos in Action program, and an at-risk credit recovery program.

If you would like to know more about Trust Lands and the role of the Community Council, you may reference the official School LAND Trust Program website.

Training Videos

Follow the link to view the SCC member training videos entitled, Touch the Future and Earning for Education.Viewing the videos is a requirement for all SCC members.