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Counseling Office

Forms Attached Below:

  • Course Catalog - provides descriptions of each class we teach at DFJH
  • Registration forms - provides a list of classes available per grade
  • Registration forms are used each year for students to pick their elective courses.  These are also used for new students to sign up for classes
  • Power Points from registration presentations


2019-20 Registration:

DFJH Students:  If you have questions about the classes you chose for next year - please go to the counseling office.

Student schedules will be available on SIS in August.  You and your parents/guardians will need to do the online registration and pay your school fees (beginning August 1), then you will be able to see your schedule in SIS.

Go to webpage:
Click on Registration tab
Follow instructions



Registration Dates:
August 1 - Online Registration Opens
August 1,2,8,9- New Student Registration, Counseling Office, 9:00-2:00
August 5-15- Schedule Changes, Counseling Office, M-F, 9:00-2:00  


Course Names:

We have several classes taught at our school with a different name than the state code name that will show up on the schedule. This means that a student will have the right class, but with a different name. Please take note of the following name differences:

FACS Exploration C= 7th & 8th grade Sewing
FACS Exploration F= 8th grade Foods
Foods 1 = 9th grade Foods
Apparel Design & Production 1 = 9th grade sewing
Participation Skills= 9th Grade PE
ADV Part Skills = Advanced PE Co-Ed (8th & 9th grade)

Tech Theater= Drama Tech
Concert Choir = Momentum 8th grade
Chamber Choir = Vocal Premiere 9th grade 
Art Foundations 1 = Beginning art 
Art Foundations II = Advanced art (9th grade only)
Percussion Ensemble = Drumline
Men's Chorus = DB Gentz (beginning choir)
Women's Chorus = Lady Diamondbacks (beginnning choir)

Mentor = Aide for Special Needs Students
Peer Tutor = math teacher TA
Spanish 7th= Introduction to Spanish 
​Released Time A & B= Seminary
Peer Leadership Team, A & B = Leadership
Service Learning = Character Ed class with Mr. Buck (7th grade only)
Secondary Reading = Literature class for all 7th graders
STEM Elective = Genius Hour
Aerobic Conditioning = dance, Zumba, and endurance training
Student Study Skills 7, 8 = Team Time 7th, 8th grades
Student Advisory = Team Time 9th grade


 9th Graders:

Concurrent Enrollment presentation at Spanish Fork High School, Tuesday Feb. 26 @ 6:30 for parents and students

  • Concurrent Enrollment Parent Information Night On February 26th, we will be holding a Concurrent Enrollment Parent Information Night.  This is for all Parents and Students (grades 9-12). We will be covering information regarding Concurrent Enrollment classes available, Sophomore by Exception Pre-Requisites, Regents Scholarship Requirements, and more. This will be held at Spanish Fork High School in the Auditorium beginning at 6:30.  Please join us as this will be a night filled with valuable information as well as representatives available to answer one-on-one questions.

High School Day - March 4 - students will go to a presentation at the high schools.  For students only.

  • Freshmen will attend a presentation at their boundary high school - SFHS or MMHS during school hours.  They will be bussed to the high schools and returned to DFJH before school lets out.

High School Information night - March 4 - at Spanish Fork Junior High presented by the High School Counselors for parents and students

  • Freshman Registration Parent Night On March 4th, the High School Counselors will be hosting a Freshman Registration Parent Night. This will be held at SF JUNIOR HIGH in the Little Theater from 6:30-7:30 PM.  We will be covering information regarding the registration process, online schedule changes, graduation requirements, and the many options your student will have available to them in High School.  This is an excellent opportunity for parents with first-time high school students or any parents that have registration questions. 

High School Information night - March 5 - at DFJH presented by DFJH counselors for parents and students

  • Information meeting for both Parents and students.  This is for those parents who could not attend the information meeting at SFJH on March 4.  We will go over the same information about high school preparation.

ALC (Advanced Learning Center) OPEN HOUSE
March 5 – 6, 2019, 5:00 to 7:00 pm
161 E. 400 N. Salem, UT 

Come join us! Meet our teachers and learn about our different programs: 
o Aviation                                           o Building Construction            o Business Management         
o Computer Programming                   o Criminal Justice                     o Health Sciences                     
o Information Technology                   o Early College                         o Live Interactive
o Engineering, Robotics & Manufacturing                                            o Elementary Teacher Education
o Digital Media    - Audio & Radio Broadcasting    - 3D Graphics/Animation    - Video      - Web
o Early College and Career Center for Nebo School District                


High School Registration - March 7 - at DFJH during history classes - students only

  • 9th grade students will register for their classes online during their history classes.  The high school counselors will be at DFJH to help the students register.  If parents have questions, please email our  DFJH 9th grade counselor. 

 8th Graders:

Registration presentation about 9th grade courses will be held on Feb. 27 during history classes.  Each student will receive a registration form to take home.  These forms are due back to their history teacher before March 6.


7th Graders:

Registration presentation about 8th grade courses will be held on Feb. 28 during CCA classes.  Each student will receive a registration form to take home.  These forms are due back to their CCA teacher before March 6.