ALC & Concurrent Enrollment Info

Advanced Learning Center (ALC)

  • 161 E 400 N
    Salem, Utah 
  •  Phone: 801-489-2833
  •  Fax: 801- 489-2829
  • For information inquiries:

    For all other inquiries: Please call the school  between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The ALC serves high school-aged students in grades 10-12, offering a wide variety of advanced learning opportunities.   You can start preparing for ALC courses in 9th grade.  Most of the ALC courses are either concurrent enrollment or distance education classes through UVU.  Please visit with your school counselor for more information about ALC and college level classes.

What is the difference between AP & Concurrent Enrollment classes?

Advanced Placement
 courses or "AP" as they are referred to on school schedules are classes that offer college credit if an Exam is passed at the end of school year.  The exam costs $85 and can only be taken once.  

Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught "concurrently" at the high school and college level by high school instructors.  The college has to approve the instructor and the course.  Credit is earned by passing the course.  There is a fee of $5 per semester credit hour taken that is paid to the university.

Distance Learning courses or Live Interactive courses are classes that involve live, two-way video conferencing with the UVU campus ALC.   The class is taught by a UVU professor.  Credit is earned as a Concurrent Enrollment class.

Can 9th grade students take classes?

Yes, but only courses available and assigned through the on-line school.  A monitored computer lab will be available from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm each day school is in session.  Please visit with your school counselor for more information.  This can be a great help for 9th grade home schooled students who plan to attend and graduate from a public high school.

**DFJHS offers AP Geography, which covers the history requirement for 9th grade.  If students would like to sign up for the AP class, they need to fill out the application and turn it in before the due date.  These applications are available in February from the history teachers.


UVU - Concurrent Enrollment and Distance Education (Live Interactive)

Concurrent Enrollment is a Utah Valley University - High School partnership program where qualified students earn college credit.  College classes are taught at the high school by UVU-approved high school instructors using college curriculum and assessment.  The Concurrent Enrollment Office, UVU Academic Departments, and the partnering high schools work closely together to uphold the academic quality of each course.